My Avebury vessels and dishes are all inspired by megolithic stone circles and burial chambers.

Each piece is hand formed and then decorated using coloured slips applied onto the damp clay. I use a mixture of sgrafitto mark making, painting and slip trailing to add depth and texture.They are then fired in the kiln to a temperature of 1120 degrees centigrade and then glazed and fired a second time to 1050 degrees centigrade.

Large upright Avebury Vessel
Large uoright Avebury vessel (reverse side of above piece)
long burial chamber vessel
Pair of triangular Blue Ave
Large brown walled Avebury dish 2
alternate view
Large brown walled Avebury dish 2
blue walled round Avebury dish
Large brown walled Avebury dish
Deep walled burial chamber vessel with 4 utensils

long burial vessel
detail of above
Large Avebury platter with handles
Large brown walled Avebury dish 1
medium divided Avebury dish with 3 spoons
Large,long burial chamber vessel with 2 utensils
As above with utensils removed
long burial chamber
pair of small burial chambers